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Being selective with your custom packaging has its advantages.  Poor quality packaging can lead to damaged produce. Let us show you how to yield greater profits by lowering packaging costs, extending product shelf life, and reducing waste.  Innovative technology has allowed us to develop top -notch film for produce and other products.

Perforated Films Rolls

Permapack offers four types of film perforations, macro perforation (hole punch), hot needle perforation, cold needle perforation, and micro/laser perforation.

These control the respiratory rates of produce.  By creating the ideal packaging solution, your fresh produce will last longer, and sales will increase.

Permapack offers 8 millimeter hole diameters and supplies printed or clear film with any of our perforation options.

  • 1.2 mil
  • Macro Perforation 8 millimeter hole punch
  • Machines Used: Flow Wrap
  • 8 Colors available

Custom Perf Patterns:

  • Random or Registered print
  • Straight or Diamond Pattern
  • Anti fog available