For competitively priced film, we offer surface, reverse, or trapped print with water or solvent based inks.  Permapack offers lamination film using various substrates.  Our team welcomes large as well as small orders.

Permapack will provide print up to 10 different colors.   Let our team help with the branding of your product while assisting you with various packaging film options to fit your needs.

  • Surface, reverse or trapped print
  • Water or solvent based Ink
  • Laminations using various substrates
  • Very competitive pricing on all orders

Some typical permeation rates for packaging films

Film type Thickness(micron) OTR (cc/ at 23°C
Oxygen Transmission Rate
WVTR (G/ at 38°C, 90% rh
Water Vapor Transmission Rate
PET 12 90 40
Metalized PET 12 0.5 <1
PVDC coated polyester 15 6 14
PVDC coated cellulose 28 8 5
LDPE 25 8,000 18
HDPE 25 3,000 9
Cast PP 25 4,200 12