Bi-Oriented Polypropylene (OPP), known as BOPP or OPP, provides excellent barrier properties for packing industries, supermarkets and bakeries. Opp films are typically used in applications such as baked goods, confections, snack foods, cosmetics, ice cream and other foods.

Opp film from Permapack is used on high speed horizontal and vertical fill seal equipment.  This film is available from .60 mil to 2 mil.  Our internal slitting equipment allows a quick turnaround time.


The main features of OPP films are:

Improved stiffness, high tensile strength, excellent optics and good water vapor barrier properties.

We offer a wide range of films in different gauges and sizes to fit your packaging needs.  Permapack’s Opp films are 2 sided sealable and one sided treated and are available in 70, 80, 100, 120, 140, and 200 guages.

Permapack inc is able to service a wide range of sizes on a customer specific basis which allows us to be flexible and support your requirements as they evolve.  Our company provides the highest quality film at competitive prices without compromise.

Our team is happy to provide information on our full range of products, including technical information as well as certification.

OPP grades available include:
  • Clear, heat sealable, wide seal range
  • Clear, ultra low heat initiation temperature
  • High Clarity, non sealable
  • Anti fog
  • White/pearlized

Other films available:

  • Shrink BOPP
  • Antifog
  • Metalized
  • Matt
  • Cellophane
  • White Opaque
  • Polyolfin Shrink
  • Cast PP
  • For use on high speed vertical and horizontal wrapping machines
  • Used for packaging snack foods, bakery items and many other food and non food items
  • Excellent moisture barrier for extended shelf life
  • FDA Compliant for direct food contact
  • Available in 70, 80,100, 120, 140, and 200 guage
  • Available in widths from 6 - 60”
  • 3-6”core