All films supplied by Permapack, Inc. including all additives used are suitable for the manufacture of flexible packaging in direct contact with food, and comply with the  following FDA regulatory references:

  • 21 CFR 177.1520 (c) (1.1) and (3.1) issued by FDA Food and drugs Administration
  • 21 CFR 178.2010
  • 21 CFR 176.30

Permapack clear, sealable and metalized OPP granted United States Postal Certification for FSM 881 and Permapack Postal Statement.

Films sold by Permapack are listed with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency accepted packaging materials


Permapack Inc. USPS postal statement

The polywrap on this list meets the new mailing standards effective on February 1, 2007, and the specifications in "USPS T-3204."  Mailers may use polywrap on this list immediately, and are required to use polywrap on this list when using polywrap on automation rate flat-size mailpieces for mailings on or after March 4, 2007. Unless otherwise stated, all polywrap listed below is approved in similar formulations of film that are greater than 1 mil thick.

Permapack has passed the above compliance on the above requirements.

  • Opaque polywrap        Metallic film Model MSE30
  • Opaque polywrap        White film Model OWSE
  • Clear polywrap             Clear Model TSE

Rev.  02/01/07